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Application for use of a Garden Plot in the 
Towne Lake Foundation Community Garden


The Application must be filled out completely and accompanies by the required application fee to be considered. Please read the following conditions carefully prior to completing the application.



1. Garden plots can be assigned ONLY by the Towne Lake Foundation (TLFLD) Lifestyle Director or Community Garden Committee designee. Plot users cannot assign their plot to another. Vacated garden plots will be assigned to those on top of the waiting list. If a Gardner no longer wishes to use a plot they should notify the Foundation Lifestyle Director or designee.

2. Planting seasons are deemed October – February and March through September

3. Water will be available to hook up to for manual watering in your bed. 

4. Gardeners may not apply any pesticides in the garden without the approval of the (TLFLD) or designee.

5. Gardeners must maintain their garden which includes planting, watering, weeding and harvesting. Weeds must be kept down in the bed and the areas immediately surrounding the bed.

6. Trees or shrubs are not permitted. If it’s woody and perennial, its not allowed.

7. Diseased and infected plants must be removed from the individual plot and community garden area.

8. The (TLFLD) or designee has the authority to make additional rules for the betterment of the community garden from time to time.

9. Gardeners should work to keep the garden a happy, secure and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner. Gardeners are encouraged to work together as a group on communal aspects of the garden at the beginning and during the planting season.

Eligibility/Hours of Operation:
The Community Garden is available to homeowners or an authorized tenant of a homeowner of the Towne Lake and Heritage Homeowners Association and is open from sunrise to sunset each day for your gardening pleasure.

Rental Fees:
Registration for a garden plot is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each plot may be reserved for a growing season at a cost listed below. In the event plots are not available, you can register to be placed on the waiting list. Each family will also receive a welcome garden bag to help them get started with their new garden once garden is ready to open.

Garden Rules:
  1. Tools will be made available for use during the regularly scheduled work time each week.

  2. Each gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot. Watering, weeding, harvesting and any other garden related maintenance are all the responsibility of the gardener.

  3. The application of herbicides (weed killers) to the garden plots is prohibited.
  4. Planting is restricted to edible vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit only. NO Landscaping plants or trees will be permitted.
  5. Smoking is not permitted inside the gardening area.
  6. Moving identification cards for gardening plots is prohibited.
  7. Pets are not permitted inside the gardening area.
  8. Excessive noise and additional music sources must be maintained at a level which does not disturb neighboring homeowners and the general public.
  9. Removing crops or tampering with other plots not assigned to your household is considered stealing and will be treated as other criminal activity.
  10. Designed as a family activity, it is required that no children under the age of 12 be allowed into the gardening area without adult supervision.
  11. In case of an emergency while working in the gardening area, please contact 911 and the Towne Lake After-Hours Emergency line at 1-800-274-3165.
  12. Information regarding availability of garden plots can be obtained from the Towne Lake Foundation Lifestyle Director. Information is also available online at
  13. The assignment of beds is up to the discretion of the (TLFCGC). The purpose is to insure that adequate sunlight is available for all beds as to not create an unpleasant growing experience for all Gardeners.
  14. Garden products may not be grown to an excess of 6 feet tall from top of dirt to top of plant/tree.
  15. Planting should not reduce neighboring bed sunlight by more than 10%

In order to ensure all residents have an opportunity to enjoy the garden, all participants who no longer wish to participate are required to provide a minimum of two weeks written notification to withdraw from the program. No refund or rebate will be given. Renewal is required two weeks prior to end of lease if not committed your spot will be given up.

Release and Indemnification:
Towne Lake Foundation Community Gardeners agree to bear sole and complete responsibility for, and hereby release, forever discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Towne Lake and Heritage Homeowners Association and CCMC, CWSCOA, its officers, directors, agents, and representatives from and against: a) personal injuries to myself or my guest or my invitees which arise during the use of the Foundation amenities (i.e. The Plots) under the terms of this agreement; b) for any personal property or articles lost, damaged or stolen during the use of this Foundation amenity under the terms of this agreement; and c) any and all damages to Foundation Amenities, including its contents and furnishings.

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